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Custom Landscapes
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We offer an all inclusive custom landscape design and installation service. 


Our landscapes are investments for living wealthy lives by creating spaces to enjoy restful reflection, spend time with loved ones, or host lively events. Homeowners benefit through increased property value and curb appeal. Our landscapes create safe areas for children’s play, deeper communication, and being invigorated by nature. Our Landscapes bring joy, well-being, and beauty to your daily life. 



Landscape Symphonies designs and builds outdoor spaces that inspire, cultivate and serve the harmony between humanity and nature through:


Inspired spaces

We designs for beauty, function and harmony, to invigorate the experience of living.   

Artful synergy

Artful synergy

Each Landscape perfectly composes the natural elements with our clients vision of life. 


Deluxe Quality

From Design to installation, we hand-craft each landscape to the highest standards.  


Customer Service

Reliability and professionalism are as important to our services as our landscapes are. 



The landscape design-to-install process is the best investment for your outdoor spaces.


The Design Phase


Our design process ensures our clients get what they want from their outdoor living spaces in a time frame and price range that fit their needs, adding value to their investment and improving quality of life. Our landscape designs are based on client tastes, site considerations, and maintaining harmony with nature. 

Being happy at home is the foundation for happiness throughout our lives. 

A design is not finished until it is actualized as a landscape. As a result, we believe that installation is the natural continuation of the design, and by having the original designer build the landscape, the installation phase continues to be creative, alive and fluid. Learn more.

The Building Phase


Landscape installation is a living and creative endeavor. As we move forward into actualizing a landscape, we work closely with our client to ensure the outcomes match their vision and design. 

Our project management procedures ensure high quality outcomes by following the best processes, and maintaining excellent communication throughout. We show up on the dates of service agreed upon. We complete the job in the agreed timeline. 

The installation is not complete until the landscape meets the highest standards of beauty and functionality, and both ourselves and the client are completely satisfied with the results. Learn more. 




My wife and I had the good fortune to work with Martin in October of 2013. Martin was very prompt, and always courteous. He took care in listening to my desires for the project and working up a very thorough proposal based upon the ideas. 

Martin and his team at Landscape Symphonies restored my faith in contractors. I feel very blessed to have found him, and cannot recommend his work highly enough. You will have peace of mind working with Martin. He is truly a wonderful man. 

- Eric W. of Roseville