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I believe the role of the artist is to inspire, serve and cultivate the highest in humanity. As a Landscape designer, I consider traveling and studying gardens part of my own development and search for inspiration. I therefore have made it a point to try to explore gardens of different regions and times. This has given me wonderful insights, bringing added value to the gardens I design and install. I have come to understand that in order to deepen the understanding and experience of the art of landscaping, I need to share it with others. Through sharing these findings and experiences with peers, friends and customers, it is my hope to incite healthy discussions and practical pursuits based on our inner and outer discoveries of the art of landscaping and its relation to nature, man and the societies it serves. 

Maybe my strongest motivation for this endeavor of studying gardens is to give light and understanding to the deeper reasons that move us to act so that we can, as individuals and professionals, learn to serve with greater depth the needs of nature, man and our societies to create fulfilling ways of life - ways that live in accordance with the laws of nature and ourselves.

These Tours are the result of trying to create an outlet for my personal path for growth, focused on the service to others and the world. They are aimed to Landscape professionals, students, and anyone who understands the value of landscape design.


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