De-Wiersse Garden
Dutch Garden's Tour August 9th - 16th 2020
De-Wiersse Garden
Dutch Garden's Tour August 9th - 16th 2020
De-Wiersse Garden
Dutch Garden's Tour August 9th - 16th 2020
Vlinderhoff Garden
Dutch Garden's Tour August 9th - 16th 2020
Vlinderhoff Garden
Dutch Garden's Tour August 9th - 16th 2020
Appletern Garden
Dutch Garden's Tour August 9th - 16th 2020
Appletern Garden
Dutch Garden's Tour August 9th - 16th 2020
Appletern Garden
Dutch Garden's Tour August 9th - 16th 2020
Dutch Garden's Tour August 9th - 16th 2020


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   Over the next few newsletters we will develop a slightly closer study into some of the gardens that we will visit during our 2020 Dutch wave tour in the Netherlands.

Appletern Garden Tour 2020 with Landscape Designer Martin Carrion

Appletern Gardens


We will begin with the Gardens of Appletern which have many interesting points of study. Amongst all the gardens we will visit during the tour, these contain some of the most contemporary gardens, spanning four decades from the 1980’s to the present day. The Gardens of Appletern reflect some of the more modern values and approaches to landscaping in The Netherlands and in Europe. During this forty-year period, one can tell, in a way, that the idea of a garden became not just that of a landscape for large estates, but an outdoor space for residential homes, for the individual or for single families. This was a trend that seemed to take hold after the second world war; it was a trend that was very much informed by Dutch landscape architect Mien Ruys, who believed that everyone should be able to have a garden, regardless of economic circumstances. This trend was further developed by many designers that followed in her footsteps and by other designers as well.

The gardens were created with a very unique concept: “To build a park where all products and plants produced in the Netherlands could be used and showcased.” Starting with just a half hectare, it now spans 23 hectares with more than 200 model gardens. It is truly a joy to study and explore the variety in styles, concepts, plant communities, landscape materials and garden development on display in the gardens of Appletern.

One can find very modern gardens focusing on innovative principles of sustainability, with different approaches to perennial plantings. Other gardens, more focused on the outdoor space, explore the relationship between man and nature and the sharing of a space. Still others showcase how it has all evolved over the last 35 years. For example, we will find the more traditional styles, such as Japanese or Mediterranean gardens and so on. As landscape professionals or landscape amateurs, one can get lost in the wonders contained within these gardens. One can revel in the exploration of different materials, in methods for creating an entrance, how to guide the flow through the garden with different shapes, sizes and materials within the paths and so on. In some ways, these gardens reflect the joy and genius within the art of landscaping, while also reflecting the growing values of a culture and its connection to nature, beauty and themselves.


Martin G. Carrion van Rijn


“If a man has a library and garden, he has everything he needs.” - Cicero




About the Tour

Dutchwave Garden Tours 2020 - Tour Gardens in Netherlands

What’s Included 

- Small Group escorted tour to 12 exceptional historic and contemporary Dutch gardens including many designed by Piet Ouddorf.

- Escorted throughout by Martin Carrion-van-Rijn

- Accommodation in three very comfortable 4* Hotels : Hyatt Amsterdam Airport, Hotel Mooirivier DalfsenHotel van der Valk Groningen-Westerbroek.

- Luxury Transportation by private coach accompanied by experienced tour guide with botanical knowledge.
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March 1st 2020


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Perfect, definitely recommended!
Positive! Excellent guides! Wonderful accommodations and destinations. Perfect!
8/31/2019 - Richard
The tour was AMAZING. The gardens far beyond our expectations. I specifically liked combining the historical perspective with gardens. My favorites were Thyssen Park, Lianne's Grasses, Appletern, DuoGarden. ... Martin was a great host/leader and the other guides very nice. ... I would, and will, recommend this tour to my gardening friends. They would love it!
Thank you!
8/31/2019 - Cynthia 

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August 9th-16th, 2020

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