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Why do we create landscapes? 

This series of newsletters digs a little deeper into why people across time have designed and build landscapes. Through this exchange of ideas we hope to stimulate thought, question what we do, and impact the way we do things, thus promoting a richer way of life. We need to observe deeply within ourselves and the world around us for answers as we change and grow. What is presented here is a point of view gathered from experience. By sharing this, we hope to give light and understanding into our own deeper motivations so we can, as individuals, learn to serve them within the needs of ourselves and our communities towards creating fulfilling ways of life.




Current Newsletter Series      

Design Consideration CheckList

In a good design nothing is casual: everything has a purpose. It is difficult to express succinctly what is required to develop, install and maintain a good landscape. There are many factors involved. But, for certain, everything flows from an intelligent and meaningful design.

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#1 Intended Use and Audience Landscape Design | Zen Gardens

In the end, landscape design success is measured by whether the whole landscape and all of its elements provide the space with the aesthetic and functional benefits for which it was designed. As in most spaces, with landscapes form should always follow function, even when function is beauty. To reach that end, begin by considering your audience and use needs before anything else.

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#2 Define Universal Aesthetics of the Design Landscape Design: Modern Style

While taste always vary from client to client, there are six aesthetics considerations that come into play for every landscape design. By defining these preferences the design blends the personal with the universal.

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# Integrating Personal Aesthetics 

Fully understanding the tastes, needs, and attitudes of the audience towards landscaping and outdoor living is of utmost importance at the onset of the project.

Everything from current habits to the outdoor life of your dream has to be considered.

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