Designing original landscapes means tailoring each element to best fit the client and site. 

We design in two phases:



$100 / first hour
$85/ additional hour


Designed to help us get a feeling for each other and the project at hand. We cover use of outdoor space, from entertaining to casual outdoor play, preferences regarding materials, from quality to sustainability and expectations of craftmanship.


Outcomes include:

  • Mutual understanding of the overall project
  • Rough ideas for the landscape plan


Landscape Design

Price $1200 - $1500 or by site


We understand the deepest level of your inspiration with landscaping, form lifestyle to maintenance expectations and the requirements of the actual site. We take pictures, measurements and elevations, looking at any current landscape issues, such as drainage and then begin to develop the plan.


Outcomes include:

  • Rough estimates on materials, labor and time requirements,
  • General landscape design, base plans for hardscapes and softscapes
  • Project estimate


Landscape Install – Price based on Master plan

We will develop an itemized estimate and work with you on your budget, adapting the design as necessary in order to fit you budget and timing.

We develop an installation schedule based on project management procedures to ensure efficiency of the construction process, quality and a timely installation.

We communicate closely with our clients during the installation phases to provide updates and go over any changes that may be required during the installation phase.