Dutch Gardens Tour
Summer 2019



Come, join us on a journey across time through the exploration of the majesty, color and richness in styles of the gardens of the Netherlands. During the visit , in addition to the study of the horticultural, stylistic and historical richness the gardens have to offer, we will have a couple of presentations; given during some of the evenings; where we will also explore other aspects of Landscape design.

It is our firm belief that the experience of a garden is incomplete if we cannot understand the reasons for which it was built, we will therefore explore, to some depth, the social, economic, artistic, philosophical and geographic circumstances that gave shape to some of the gardens included on the tour, giving us thus a deeper platform of experience.



Martin will also give a short presentation where we will have an open discussion as to why we build gardens, why they take the shape they take, why we are so taken by them, how do they nourish us, how do they serve society, we will explore as well practical ways on how to deepen our understanding and experience of a garden, what does it say, how does it touch us, how does it change us and how it will inform the way we do things in our own landscapes. Nico Wissing ; Dutch Landscape Architect; will also give  a presentation on Dutch Sustainability and how he and the Dutch are working on several projects across the globe.



Besides the exploration of Dutch gardens, we feel that a tour is incomplete if we cannot offer the experience of the culture where the gardens are in today, we have therefore planned to give you as close of an experience as possible in a few days of what the Netherlands has to offer in some of their ways of life, take a carriage ride drawn by the beautiful Friesian Dutch horse breed into one of the gardens, enjoy a lunch by one of the famous Dutch windmills, take a bike ride inside one of their large natural reserves, explore and have lunch on a market day in the city of Groningen, enjoy the famous Dutch cheeses , breads, and if you haven’t had them, their addictive Stroop waffles, enjoy a guided tour to DeWitt’s, a hand made garden tool company, and last but not least, on the last day, enjoy a farewell celebration boat ride on the canals of Amsterdam while enjoying traditional Indonesian cuisine.





This is an eight day tour, the first and last days are reserved for traveling, meaning the actual tour is comprised of six days. Tour prices include, all transportation and accommodations ( 7 nights) during the tour, all dinners and three lunches included; Please refer to itinerary; when lunch is not included it is due to the fact that you will have the possibility of choosing from several options yourself; average cost of lunch is around $15 Euro, of course, depending on your dietary preferences. Please note airfare is not included, you are responsible for getting to the Hotel on the arrival day of the tour, as well as for dinner on that first evening, you will also need to make arrangements to catch your flight on the day of departure.




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 Dutch Garden Tours

August 11th-18th, 2019

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